We can help devise an effective Communications Plan for your business

At Countdown Creative we understand the importance of having a Communications Plan in place. You may be a start up that needs everything set up from scratch or an established company that requires support with a particular communications channel. Either way you have come to the right place!

A Communications Plan starts with an initial consultation where we can discuss all your requirements and how best to meet them. Our expertise lies mainly in copywriting, helping you to develop your key messaging across print, web, social media and local media. You may also need a logo, corporate identity and branding; a new website; or printed brochure etc. We can introduce you to an experienced branding consultant, web developer, photographer or printer.  All these options can be included in your Communications Plan with suggested suppliers.  We can also help you coordinate these services. 

Our Communications Plans provide clear goals, identify particular target audiences and provide options of different communications channels and how they could work for you.  Your Plan will contain key messaging crafted to be echoed across different platforms and a written plan which includes suggested campaigns, calls to action, timelines, budgets and ways to test and measure progress to ensure maximum ROI. 

Some of the communications channels we use include the following:

Communications Plan - comms channels
Countdown Communications Plan

Communications Strategist, Al Gibson talking about the importance of having a Communications Plan at a local business network.

We charge between £500 and £1500 for a Communications Plan depending on what is required and the level of ongoing liaison.  The Plan will  take all these factors into consideration while devising a  strategy that is tailor-made for your company. This will include cost estimates for the various facets making up your Communications Plan

From setting up a Google Business Profile to social media accounts through to website copy, blogs, SEO,  newsletters, press releases and securing you local media coverage,  Countdown Creative can help you create compelling content as part of your wider Communications Plan.

One of the reasons clients choose us to devise a Communications Plan is that we can candidly discuss the pros and cons of different types of communication, letting you know what works best in our experience and what doesn’t. We can also support clients in learning some of the software needed to communicate effectively. For example, ChatGPT, WordPress, MailChimp,  basic SEO etc so you know how they work and can use them yourself if you wish.  With the added support that we are there to quality control output. email info@countdowncreative.co.uk to get your Communications Plan underway today!