SEO Content Creation

If you’re searching for SEO content creation  you need look no further than Countdown Creative Ltd. We specialise in helping UK companies, to master their search engine optimisation (SEO),  including several businesses in the South West of England.

Words are key!

SEO content creation is essential to getting the maximum use out of your website. This is what ensures it receives as many hits as possible. Don’t rely solely on promoting your website via social media or email. Make sure you are also receiving sufficient organic traffic via SEO.

SEO Content Creation 

SEO content creation starts with identifying the keywords people are searching for with regard to your products or services. Our writers at Countdown Creative can discuss these with you and draft appropriate content that contains these words to ensure your webpages rank higher in searches. The more effective the SEO the more organic traffic you will receive.

We can audit your current web pages to ensure they meet a simple but effective SEO checklist as well as creating new content. This includes creating an appropriate meta description for each page, naming your pictures correctly and looking for the best opportunities to create internal and external links.

We can also develop a news section or a blog component for your site filled with helpful SEO content. News Updates are very effective for SEO content creation as are blogs. Blogging can help establish you as an expert in your field as well as drive significant traffic to your website.

Our SEO work usually starts with a journalistic interview, which we transcribe and turn into a series of news reports or blog post based around your key words or phrase.  We also look at ways we can backlink to your material to increase it’s standing with search engines. This may include promoting your content on one of our blog sites where appropriate for example Devon Business can assist companies in the South West.

Over the past two years Countdown Creative has help several companies with their SEO content creation. Some of these sites now have significant organic traffic which far exceeds hits from social media and other sources.

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