Proven Social Media Strategy

We assist you to engage in the ongoing conversation on social media. You need more than likes and follows and we can guide you through this ever-changing process, with what works and what doesn’t.

At Countdown, our strategy to build an online following includes targeted social media posting across diverse platforms. Should you become a client we would discuss the most effective options for you and adapt our strategy to best serve your interests.

Our clients include start ups where we have set up new Facebook pages and created a new following of around 300 within a couple of months. With one particular start up we managed to grow their social media following on Facebook to 5,000 within a year.

This is achieved by developing a weekly social media schedule. It includes creating sharables to increase number of likes, follows and shares as well as links to drive traffic to your website. We also identify groups to join to increase engagement and we cross share our client’s posts, where appropriate, to our pages to give them greater exposure. Through consistent daily posting you can expect to see your social media following steadily increase.

Contact us today to discuss your social media needs. We offer a monthly budget plan based on posting frequency.