Countdown to a wider

Countdown Creative, based in Exeter in the South West of England,   helps individuals and organisations increase their online following and grow their business. This is achieved through journalistic interviews, creative copywriting, online news updates and printed newsletters.

Why the hexagonal clocks?

We realise time is of the essence hence the name, Countdown and our clock logo inspires us to deliver on schedule. Its hexagonal shape reminds us of a honeycomb and how each facet fits together to create something golden. This is especially appropriate when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

Countdown Creative is run by expert communicator and published author, Al Gibson. Al has worked in various business and charitable sectors in his career as a journalist, editor and publisher. In recent years he has worked with websites and Facebook pages with millions of followers and has developed a proven strategy to help clients grow their businesses by substantially increasing their online presence.

Al has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. He ran Countdown Communications in South Africa for 10 years before coming to England in 2002. He worked for an international media network, based in the UK, for 18 years, as global communications officer and was editor of a TV guide with a circulation of over 100,000 readers.

Since then Al has learned how to harness the tried and tested principles of traditional journalism with the power of today’s digital media opportunities. He has written viral blog posts which have received hundreds of thousands of hits and managed Facebook pages with millions of followers. He now offers his expertise to businesses looking to increase their online presence.

Al has also written several books and ghostwritten others. A seasoned copywriter, he designs with words.

Al Gibson

"Al is not only a great writer, but a brilliant journalist who instinctively recognises how to capture a good story."

Kevin Potter
Hope FM

Al is a hugely experienced writer and knows how to match intentions perfectly with particular audiences. I have no hesitation in recommending Al and Countdown Creative Ltd to any other businesses. Their work is bespoke, forward-looking and highly creative. Al is also highly personable and a really lovely, honest person to work with.

Ali Stevens.

"Thanks Al. You’re the best writer. Excellent edit. Thank you for giving it the Al touch. Great job." Ward Simpson, CEO GOD TV

Ward Simpson