Countdown Creative, is a content creation company, based in the South West of England, headed by Al Gibson who is currently building a team of wordsmiths to serve  our clients across the UK.  

Meet Al Gibson

Al Gibson is an  expert communicator and published author. He has worked in various business and charitable sectors in his career as a journalist, editor and publisher. He has overseen websites and Facebook pages with millions of followers and learned a proven strategy to help businesses grow through regular communication across different media platforms.

Al has a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. He ran Countdown Communications in South Africa for 10 years before coming to England in 2002. He worked for an international media network for 18 years, as global communications officer. He was also editor of a TV guide with a circulation of over 100,000 readers and a blog site with 3-million hits per month.

Over the years Al has learned how to harness the tried and tested principles of traditional journalism with the power of today’s digital media opportunities.  He has written viral blog posts that have received hundreds of thousands of hits and now offers his expertise to businesses looking to increase their online presence.

Al has also written several books and ghostwritten others. A seasoned copywriter, he designs with words.  Follow Al Gibson on LinkedIn / Contact him on 07726175683 or via email at

Alistair Gibson

I’ve been described as ‘a wordsmith’, ‘creative copywriter’ and ‘prolific blogger’. This simply means having a knack of helping people to communicate. Yes, I have a degree in Journalism, have worked in corporate comms  and written books, but how does that help you? 

I believe I can assist you to develop and fine-tune your messaging. Whether it be for a full length brochure, short news update or 50 word bio. My experience lies in creating diverse written content and editing it into varying lengths to meet specific requirements. 

What I love about copywriting is that I’m constantly learning new technical skills to help clients make the most of their copy both online and offline.  

"Al Gibson is not only a great writer, but a brilliant journalist who instinctively recognises how to capture a good story."

"I recommend Al Gibson because he is a communications professional that operates with integrity and passion in television and print media."

"Thanks Al. You’re the best writer. Excellent edit. Thank you for giving it the Al Gibson touch. Great job." Ward Simpson, CEO GOD TV