Creative Copywriting

It all starts with your story. We work with you to find creative ways to develop an authentic
and compelling narrative to roll out across all your communications.

We design with words!

Countdown Creative offers a diverse copywriting service to help build your digital profile and reputation.

Alistair Gibson’s craft is words. He has a unique ability to string them together in a way that flows, each paragraph taking you further into a compelling narrative that aims to reach a particular audience effectively. Whether you need copy for a brochure, website, direct mail communication, blog post or press release, Alistair can help you find the words.

Public Relations

We can write a media release with the best angle to position your company and tell your story in a way that everyone can understand.
Press releases can also be reworked for different markets. Targeted releases have the best results. It helps to fine tune releases for specific publications / readers. You can distribute it or we can send it to select media:


Having a wiki page is essential to today’s businesses as these are the first to come up in any web search. Google uses them to populate their Knowledge Panels. You can manage your online reputation with a wikipedia page about yourself / your business or organisation. However, you need a professional copywriter to set this up for you as Wikipedia has very specific writing constraints. The text cannot be self-promotional and each statement needs to be externally linked to an independent source. Al Gibson has set up several wikipedia pages and manages them on an ongoing basis.