Why the name Countdown Creative Limited?

Countdown Creative

Countdown Creative Limited is a British company that aims to help individuals and organisations grow through engaging content both online and offline. The name comes from years of experience in meeting deadlines while attempting to be as imaginative as possible. It’s hard it is to think outside the box when you are dealing with all kinds of time restraints, that’s why it can be helpful to enlist the professional support of others.

Formed in 2020 during lockdown, Countdown Creative Limited is a partnership between Al Gibson and, Jeanine Rose-Gibson. However, the original Countdown began in 1990 when Al started his first editing and design agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was known as Countdown Communications and specialised in brochures, newsletters, magazines etc.

Countdown Communications was launched out of Al’s expertise gleaned while working for a national newspaper; advertising agency; and publishing house. Newly graduated with a degree in Journalism in 1984, he started his working career as a sub-editor, progressing to a production editor on titles like ComputerWeek, EngineeringWeek and MarketingMix.

He was a creative services manager when Countdown Communications began and built up a team of copywriters and graphic designers to serve clients from a variety of business sectors. Magazines Al edited during this period included PR & Communications and Hi-lite, a business-to-business magazine for a local chamber of commerce. The business closed after ten years when he emigrated to the UK in 2001.

Moving to England was an exciting challenge for Al and he counts it a privilege to have worked for Angel Foundation from 2002 to 2020. This is a British charity that has a global television network and supports humanitarian projects in different countries. During his 18 years in corporate communications, Al edited mass-circulation TV guides and websites with monthly hits of three million hits per month. He has also written or worked on several books.

Countdown Creative Limited

Now in 2022, Al and Jeanine are offering a full range of copywriting services through Countdown Creative Ltd. Whether it’s a news update, blog post,  press release or Wikipedia page, Al loves the challenge of coming up with content and concepts that are fresh and imaginative while being on time and on budget. So we invite you to countdown to your next publishing deadline with Countdown Creative.

In keeping with our countdown theme, Countdown Creative also publishes a number of websites focused on the books Al has written and blog sites that focus on the future.

Email Al Gibson at al@countdowncreative.co.uk for all your communications needs.


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